As there are no two humans alike, so are there no two holistic practitioners alike.  You may find I work differently than others in my scheduling practices.  Because I offer so many different services and these services require the application of different energies from me, I break my days accordingly.  I do a certain number of readings, a certain number of hypnosis sessions and a certain number of energy or spirit healings over the course of the day and have a specific time of the day or week in which I perform treatments and releasements.  Should I find myself with unbooked time designated for a particular service, I do NOT fill it with another service. Instead, I work on a writing or teaching project or spend time communing with Spirit. Because of this, you may be able to see me earlier for a reading than you can a hypnosis session or a healing and visa versa and you might have to wait for a reading or one of my other services even though you are aware that I am without a client at that hour.  This method of scheduling allows me to be at my best for all services offered and assures I give you the most value for your fee paid while maintaining the integrity of my personal DNA.

I have been serving the people for over thirty (30) years and am now in the semi-retirement stage.  I offer my services during the week starting at 1pm EST on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ONLY.  I have a wonderful steady clientele who reserve certain times each week. This leaves only a few openings for those who are not seeking my service on a steady basis.  Please keep this in mind when requesting a service.  The further in advance that you can do it, the better.  Same day/last minute sessions could incur an additional $25 fee.

     All appointments are secured with a credit card.  Please have your card number available at the time of booking.  I will NOT use this card until the time of the appointment if by phone.  In the event that a full 24 hour notice of cancellation is not provided for your session booked,  a $50 cancellation fee will be charged on your credit card.  A maximum accepted number of cancellations is three (3), afterwich you will be asked to seek antoher practitioner more suited to your schedule and needs.  Promptness is vital. Should you arrive late for your session, you lose out on the time you've wasted.  The clock starts precicely at the time scheduled, not five minutes later.

All of the services that I offer are no longer available in person.  I have experienced excellent success with remote healing work and find that my clients enjoy remaining in the comfort of their own home for hypnosis.  My ability to "tune in" to an individual's energy from a distance not only made me a sought after guest for radio appearances for over a decade makes appointments over the telephone highly effective and desirable. Sessions outside of the US can be done via Messenger chat calls. 
Lena has written a book on hypnosis.
Hypnosis, also called hypnotherapy, is a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration. It's a type of mind-body medicine. As a trained and certified hypnotherapist who is also a legally ordained minister and spiritual advisor, I lean toward using spiritual tools to guide you into this deep state of focus and relaxation with verbal cues, repetition and imagery.  While in this state, you are greater able to respond to and suggest the hypnotic suggestions.

A few months prior to the onset of COVID-19, Rev. Sheehan received the message to close her office and only service people over the telephone.  This included hypnosis session. Because of her special intuitive abilities, it is not necessary for her to visually see you to understand and know how you are responding to the induction. Since you, (the subject) is resting with your eyes closed during the induction, it makes sense to allow you to remain in the comfort and security of your own home. The results of allowing people to feel safe and comfortable in their own homes during the session has provided extremely satisfying results.

Unlike most hypnotherapist who require that you sacrifice up to three (3) hours of  your time for a session, my sessions are short and to the point. I ask that you set aside one hour for our first consultation and, after that, your session runs between thirty (30) and forty-five (45) minutes.  I -as well as my clients- feel that if you have a good raport with each other, there is no need to drag the session out to achieve the results you desire.

Hypnosis is offered for the following issues (In order from most requested to least requested) Fee is $150 per session

Stress Management

Overcoming Phobias


Weight Loss

Stop Smoking

Past Life Regression also available. Fee is $285

Hypnosis Sessions are non-refundable

Special Note to those who are new to hypnosis:
It is important to remember that "All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis", I cannot make you run down the street squawking like a chicken unless it is something that you sincerely desire to do!


REMOTE HEALING ENERGY knows no boundries.

Combine this with Rev. Sheehan's education as a REIKI MASTER, a KARUNA KI MASTER,  and her relationship with the Spirit world and you end up with a powerful healing session that is generally done while you are sound asleep and your conscious mind is less rigid!

Healing sessions are performed remote at a time designated by me.  You are not required to be present during the session, nor is it preferred.

Fee is $150 per session

For those who prefer a more scientific and technical approach to remote healing, Rev. Sheehan offers sessions on her
RIFE Machine.

Healing Sessions are non-refundable
Lena has written a book
about Reiki.
Since Rev. Sheehan is semi-retired, you may call to book your private consultation Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm to 6pm (EST).

Actual consultations can extend into the early evening as needed. (by appointment only) Lena does not do private consultations on weekends.

Up to minimum 20 minute session Fee is $165.00
Up to maximum 30 minute session Fee is $185.00

Please develop a list of questions before the session and have a pen and paper or audio recorder handy to take notes for future reference since of times things do not appear right away. Consultations are non-refundable.

How a psychic/mediumship  consultation works
Lena is a psychic/medium and must "shift" her energy to receive the information you are seeking. The initial "shift" is the most taxing on her and she finds she can only do this a certain number of times each day without it being detrimental to her personal well being. It is for this reason that she works in time increments and not by the minute.   Your fee is based on the energy and time expended, not the information given.  Unlike many readers, Lena does not charge separately for the services she offered in a reading.  Psychometry, Messages from Spirit or Loved Ones from the Other Side, Stress Management Assistance, Naturopathic and Nutrition advice are all an added bonus in your session and is not billed separately.

Due to the antiquated laws that remain in many states, psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, Lena or her affiliates will not be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to speak with Lena without the presence and written permissionof a parent or guardian. Scheduling an appointment with Lena means you agree to this agreement.

Lena has written a Spiritual Handbook
NOTE TO ESTABLIHED CUSTOMERS: It is not uncommon for Lena to wait until the end of the session to run an established client's payment through on their credit card. Should she exercise this option and the card be declined with no other payment option available to her at that time, there will be a $25 fee for each day thereafter until the payment is received. Should a client request Lena hold off on charging their credit card for more than three consecutive days, a $25 fee will be added to the total. [*Rev. Sheehan does not charge a $25 fee for delaying the charge less than three days if this delay has been agreed upon prior to the start of the session for qualified clients.]

In the event that Lena must resort to legal measures to secure her payment, all legal fees pertaining to this matter will be the responsibility of the delinquent client.