Spirit Releasement
For variable reasons, not all people who transition out of their body (die) go directly into the Light. Some become earthbound spirits that crave to return to their bodies and continue with the sensual experiences that only a spirit in physical body can experience. Many don't even realize they've actually died and simply attach to the aura or physical, emotional or mental subtle bodies of passers by. Even though we live in a free will zone , these entities do not require our permission to do so.

It is not uncommon for an entity to attach itself to someone's energy field (aura) if it has been weakened through stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, extreme emotional events (death of a loved one, divorce, sudden bad news). Holes or tears occur in the aura that make a person susceptible to spirit attachments. Although not a common occurrance, one can also, unknowingly, pick up an astral entity as one travels back through the dense astral plane to their sleeping body. More common is when the body's resistance is lowered by drugs and alcohol, it becomes an easy target for a discarnate being that is seeking a body to possess. Whatever the case, entity attachments do occur and it is important to detect and remove them for optimum health of body, mind and spirit and balance of life occurrences.

The average person generally is not consciously aware of an entity or energy attachment. He or she goes through his or her daily living ignorant of the effect the attached entity or energy has upon his or her body's functioning. Symptoms are perceived as an illness or dis-order that occurred as a result of exposure to a disease, rather than what they are truly caused by; which is the attached entity or energy. These symptoms can include (but are not limited to) unexplained physical pain anywhere in the body, limited range of movement of a limb occurring without reason or benefit of a recent injury, clouded thoughts, forgetfulness, panic attacks, sudden phobias, depression, unusual anger/irritated mood, preferences for certain foods, noticeable addictions, or other interests not like your own, can occur.

Massage therapists, and healing practitioners (i.e. reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.,) can eventually slip up and take on energies that are not their own . However, these type of practitioners are generally in tune to how their own body energy feels when clear and balanced and can sense when they've taken on other people's "stuff" and have (or should have) methods of removing it.

Unfortunately, the rest of society generally doesn't have this awareness and lacks the know how to clear themselves. A prime example would be hospital personnel, social workers, psychologists, therapists, funeral home and crematory workers, bartenders and coctail servers. These are prime examples but it isn't limited to these professions. People working in a high stress environment, especially with the public in a transitional or care giving capacity assume that the aches and pains will normally think that they are a result of the job when, in reality, many of these cases can be attributed to entity or energy attachments.

Everything with an an energy system can experience attachments. This means that children and pets are also susceptible to this form of possession. Behaviorally children act out, appear upset and angry, or become different in their personality patterns and often complain of headaches or other neck pain, etc. Their sleep patterns may be very disrupted as well. Pets can appear lethargic and ill or irritable and non-social...even mean to other pets in the household. Our language reflects an inner knowledge of attachments as we often can be heard saying, "What got into you?" or "I m not myself today." or "I don t know what possessed me to do that."

Entity attachment is often called Spirit Possession Syndrome [SPS]. It is not uncommon for SPS to be confused with Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD], even though there are definite differences between the two. MPD is the fragmenting of the personality usually as a response to extreme physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse during childhood. Different sub-personalities are formed that are more equipped to deal with these abusive episodes. A sufferer from this disorder may experience amnesia while one of the sub-personalities is in control, however, many who suffer from MPD will remain conscious and suffer unexplainable physical or emotional symptoms. SPS is the actual physical or mental attachment of a consciousness to another person; the most common of which are earthbound spirits. The attachments may be benevolent, malevolent or neutral in intention. The entities may attach themselves to a human being for many reasons; including fear of the unknown after death, drug or alcohol addiction that is carried on after death, or to love and support a loved one. Spirits can enter the system during times when the body s aura is out of balance; such as after an airplane ride (the aura gets torn during plane rides) or in cases of severe illness, stress, surgery, sexual ecstasy, physical, mental or emotional abuse. As this is not an inclusive list, it does give the range of possibilities of entry by earthbound spirits. When entities attach to an individual, it can resemble MPD in that the fears and preferences of the attaching spirit can override the preferences of the individual and often can produce amnesia while the attaching spirit is in control. While MPD and SPS resemble each other, the goal of treatment is quite different. In treating MPD, the goal is to reintegrate the sub-personalities back into the larger personality; while treating SPS, the goal is simply to release the attaching spirit from the person suffering from SPS. I am not a trained psychiatrist and therefore am not in a position to diagnose. If you have been diagnosed with MPD but feel the treatment isn t working for you, then my suggestion is to have a deposession session done and see what results you get.

Spirit Releasement is not exorcism. Exorcism is a procedure to cast out demons. In the Releasement or deposession process, we work with the attached entity (which may or may not be malevolent) and turn it toward light, releasing it from its earthbound state so it can go into the Light. By sending it to the Light, we prevent the entity from seeking a new person to attach to. In most cases of earthbound spirit attachment, the entity is made aware of its situation by myself with the loving aide of a loved one who comes to help in the transition.

In the event that a person is not suffering the attachment of an entity but is experiencing the attachment of negative energy vibrations, they are removed by severing connections and transforming the energies from negative to positive

Your request for a Spirit Releasement Treatment will be considered “in the queue” upon receipt of your request and your payment of $560.00. Under normal circumstances, your session will begin 1 to 2 weeks after we have received your payment. The session is done 'remote' and all communication and work is done by way of connecting with your higher self and the entity through mediumship. No personal or voice contact is made between you and Lena Sheehan.  You will receive a report, via email, once the releasement has completed. *Note: In most cases one releasement is all that is needed to free you of the entity; although in rare cases several releasements may have to take place. Always keep in mind that, although the success rate is extremely high, there are (rare) occasions when something hidden deep within the subconscious of the individual embraces the presence of negativity and refuses to release it or calls it back once it has been released. Because of this, it is important that, once you have been cleansed, you exercise the precautions to shield yourself from future or re-attachments.


There will be no refunds once the releasement session has begun.  Should you have any questions prior to ordering your releasement please email them.

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