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There are times when you might be unable to spare the time for a full reading, or perhaps Lena Sheehan's schedule and yours do not coordinate, or perhaps you only have one small question to ask. Whatever the reason, Lena offers you the opportunity to have your questions answered via the convenience of e-mail.

Before you take this route, it is important that you uderstand that although Lena does her best to answer as clearly as possible, the price included (1) email only. If you want to discuss your email question further, you are required to either pay for another question or arrange or a more indepth, personal reading over the telephone.

Fees for E-Mail questions:

(1) Question: $35.00

(2) Questions: $70.00

(3) Questions: $105.00

When you pay for your questions through PayPal, you will be able to write them in the memo section, or if your question will not fit in the alloted space PayPal provides, or you simply prefer, you can email  them to Lena.

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure that your emailed questions are short and concise. Lengthy emails on one topic are unnecessary and may actually impair the reading. In the event that 2 questions are asked in a one question reading, Lena reserves the right to select one of those questions to read on without asking the client which one he or she would prefer she respond to.

Example of a correct email question: Do you see my husband getting the transfer he is seeking?

Example of an incorrect email question: Do you see my husband getting the job transfer he is seeking or do you see him changing jobs. If he changes jobs, what type of work do you see him doing?

As you can see, the incorrect email question asks 3 potential questions. Question 1 is if the husband gets th job transfer... should Lena feel the husband does not get the transfer, then Question 2 would come into play... will he remain in the same job? Finaly, Question 3 comes into play if Lena sees him changing jobs, as the querant has asked her to explain what type of work the husband will change to.

In this situation, the Lena would answer Question (1), then the client could choose between calling her to discuss it further or purchasig an email question again to ask question (2) etc
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