I secured a bio feedback/rife machine - also known as a Frequency Generator- for my own personal results and I could never be happier.  I am NO LONGER allergic to shellfish.  It has opened up a whole new world of dining and living.   I can't tell you how nice it is not to have to worry about cross contamination when i eat out in restaurants that feature seafood or dine out with someone who orders it at my table!   That's just one of the many benefits I've realized so far from my machine.  I can't wait to report more!

When I discovered that, as long as I had a sample of a person's DNA, the subject didn't have to be hooked up to my machine I was ecstatic. Even though I offer remote Spirit Healing to assist the body in healing itself, not all of my clients are comfortable with that method.  This just opened up avenues of healing for those who are more scientifically inclined! Not only does the subject not have to interrupt your routine to sit in a chair and get hooked up to my machine, but, for now and as long as I'm able, I'm offering these sessions at a rate that I feel is very fair in comparrison to what I've paid in the past for a bio feedback in-person session or remote. In the past I was required to have one session on the biofeedback (only - no rife) machine in person and suffer through several hours of being hooked up to it and then, after my information was in the machine, I had the option of a remote session.  The initial session ran from $150 to $350, depending on the part of the country I was in and the practitioner operating the equipment.  The subsequent remote sessions ran between $75 to $200.

Since all I require is a sample of your DNA, you can avoid setting aside and devoting several hours to being wired to a machine as well as save money.  And the best part is.... it really can work!  I know because I used the remote system for myself.  I'm literally a walking testimony. Please remember that, as will all h ealing modalities, results vary and there is no guarantee of results.

What are my rates?  $150 for the initial session and then $75 for each individual remote session thereafter.  I ask you provide me with a nail clipping since it not only holds your DNA but can last for years and year without needing to be replaced.  I can simply file your DNA sample away and if you need a session in the future you don't have to go through the hassle of providing a new sample and waiting for it to arrive, etc.  You just have to notify me and I'll put you on the schedule.  Your wait time will depend upon the demand at the time but I'll do my best to get you in asap.

Contact me for instructions on how to book a session and send your DNA

The following was borrowed from Frequency Rising. com

A Rife machine presumably works on the principle of sympathetic resonance, which states that if there are two similar objects and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. In the same way that a sound wave can induce resonance in a crystal glass and ultra-sound can be used to break up kidney stones, a Rife machine uses sympathetic resonance to physically vibrate offending bacteria, viruses and parasites resulting in their destruction and elimination from the body.

Another theory of illness and disease (as it relates to thus topic) is that these "dis-ease" states reflect low energy conditions in the body. Perhaps the frequency energy absorbed from a Rife machine may simply be sufficient to re-energize the body’s healing capabilities...?   (Dr. Clark and many other researchers seem to agree.  Just look at the field of magnet therapy alone.)

    Note: These devices have not been approved in the U.S. for treating illness with humans. It has, however, been approved for use in veterinary applications in the US.  Little formal medical research has been done in the US; however, several types of frequency devices are medically licensed in Germany and a few other countries.

    Although almost no empirical data exists here in the U.S. (no doubt due to the FDA's nazi-like attitude toward self-health and freedom), there are 1000s and 1000s of people who have reported their own successes.  This is undeniable.   Is this scientific data?  Perhaps not, but it certainly begs the question:  why, why, why is this science NOT being studied fervently in clinical settings?  (I think you know the answer to that.  If not, let me spell it our for you.... BigPharma isn't about to lose TRILLIONS in free money.  Period.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.)

    Side note: of course these devices don't "work" for everyone.  What does?  But it raises many questions.  Why not?  Were these unsuccessful people using the right frequencies?  Was their device underpowered?  Were they too late?  Were they still smoking, drinking, and eating GMO processed dead food and tap water?  Were they continually exposed to environmental toxins that continually poisoned their bodies and kept their immunes from working properly?  How many vaccines were they given in their lifetime?  There are many issues to be examined.

                                    HEALING WITH RIFE
Testimony from a woman in Delaware who received Frequency Healing remotely  8/31/2016

     For the first time in six (6) months, I am pain free.  Thank you!!  For anyone interested:  In March 2016 I fell and broke and dislocated my shoulder.  I went from excruciating pain to a dull ache which would not go away.  I couldn't sleep through the night and spent most nights in a recliner.  All the doctors could offer me were prescription pain medications, which I did not want to take.  So I put up with the dull ache and prayed the arm would heal soon.
   Lena started my Frequency Healing on a Sunday.  By Tuesday morning I was pain free.  The arm is still a little stiff and I will need to do my exercises to keep the mobility in the shoulder, but I do so with no pain!  After the exercises I feel a little stiffness, that is all.  And I believe my muscles are stronger than they were before the feedback.?
     I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment.

Pauline W
DISCLAIMER:  It is important to remember that I am not a licensed medical doctor and that I make no claims of this equipment being medical equipment. I believe in the equipment's ability to send out frequencies that your body could respond favorably enough to so that will can balance itself out and heal itself, but we are all individuals and I can I make no guarantees that this will happen and I certainly make no claims that the machine itself is a medical device that heals.

Below is a list of some of the ailments that rife has been reported to help with.