After much procrastination on my part, I am finally coordinating time with my beloved Master Teacher, Urla-Ra, and the Council of Twelve for the relaying of information to the world masses that he and the Council wish to provide. Some of these messages may seem directed at you personally. This is not an uncommon phenomena since the message generally attracts recipients who are in tune with its vibration and in need of its wisdom.

Although the Council of Twelve is a Vibrational (Dimensional) Council with many, many, members from various ages, galactic/vibrational addresses and backgrounds, below you will find sketches channeled to me of those who are presently (year 2013) seated at the head.  The sketch of Urla Ra (top) was channeled in 2013.  The computer generated pic was channeled in 2006.
Head of the Fairie Division    -   Aby
       Lady   Avalyn                                          Telia                                                    Marc
           Jayda Nu                                                     Catherine                                                   Anuj Ra
                 Star                                                                     Myne                                                    Lady Honey
            Horus                                                          Jobe                                              Dr. "P"
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I would like to make it clear that I am NOT an artist in the sense of drawings.  I struggle to create a stick man figure.  The channeling for these images needed to come through my untrained hands and fingers in order to create the images you see which is why they are not of a professional nature.  I declined having an artist perfect them because I did not want the vibrational essense of the entity that was channeled into each drawing to be lost.  So, as you excuse the rough artwork, please allow yourself to familiarize with, connect to and bathe in the purity of these wonderful Spirit Beings.
Copyright 1999 Sheehan
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