Although  Lena Sheehan provides mediumship sessions in her service menu, there are times when you just want to go directly to the source and speak with the Council itself.  Channeling sessions with the council are available for those who would like to go that route.   The process is easy.   Make your payment for the session.  You will then be contacted by Rev. Sheehan with the times available for your session.  Reserve your session time; afterwhich you will email your questions to Rev. Sheehan, along with who they are directed to.  Rev. Sheehan will then coordinate with the council for the time allotted and you will all meet via telephone or skype!  The fee for a channeling session with the council is $249 per 30 minutes.   As we are all individuals, the same goes for the members of the Council and some require more effort to come through Rev. Sheehan than others. Because of this, she has set limitations of time where necessary.  Above each sketch is the maximum session time you are allowed for communicating one on one with that particular  council member.  Sessions DO NOT run over the scheduled time. Should you require longer than this time, feel free to schedule a second session.
                                             UrLa Ra                          .
Channeling Session
You can pay with paypal or call in your credit card information or mail your money order.  Click here for contact informaton.
       Lady   Avalyn                                                     Telia                                                                 Marc
           Jayda Nu                                                Catherine                                                 Anuj Ra
                 Star                                                             Myne                                                Lady Honey
                        Horus                                                               Jobe                                                 Dr. "P"

I would like to make it clear that I am NOT an artist in the sense of drawings.  I struggle to create a stick man figure.  The channeling for these images needed to come through my untrained hands and fingers in order to create the images you see which is why they are not of a professional nature.  I declined having an artist perfect them because I did not want the vibrational essense of the entity that was channeled into each drawing to be lost.  So, as you excuse the rough artwork, please allow yourself to familiarize with, connect to and bathe in the purity of these wonderful Spirit Beings.
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Please consider your service order carefuly.  Once the service is provided by Lena there are no refunds or payment plans.
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